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We fly high. Higher than anyone

We beat the existing record and have flied up to 6000 m.a.s.l.

Faro Les Eclaireurs, Tierra del Fuego

Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, Tierra del Fuego

Known as the lighthouse at the edge of the world, it stands on one of the Les Éclaireurs islets located within Beagle Canal, opposite the Ushuaia bay coast.

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

Los Glaciares National Park

Situated in the province of Santa Cruz, with a total surface area of 726,927ha, it harbors a total of 356 glaciers.

Barrancas Coloradas, San Juan

Barrancas Coloradas, San Juan

Located within the Ischigualsto Park, one of the most important Triassic geological-paleontological sites in the world.

Calingasta, San Juan

Calingasta, San Juan

Situated in the southwestern corner of the province, it’s clear blue skies, multicolored mountains and bountiful green hues are dazzling.

Bodegas Del Carmen

Del Carmen vineyards

An excellent location in Calingasta, the nourished earth and majestic altitude here produce only the finest grapes.

Parque Presidente Sarmiento

Presidente Sarmiento park

Nature reserve in Zonda, San Juan.

Planta depuradora, Bahía Blanca

Sewage plant, Bahia Blancaa

An important sanitation site, near the outskirts of Bahía Blanca.

Parque Eólico Canela

Canela Eolic Parka

This park is located in Los Vilos, Chile. Part of a group of wind turbines situated in the Chilean commune Canela, next to Route 5 North.

Rincones de Araya

Rincones de Araya

Copper mining project, located in Calingasta.

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