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Welder working in Casposo, San Juan

The mine that Troy Resources Limited is in charge of is located in Calingasta, at an altitude of 2400 m.a.s.l.

Los Caracoles, San Juan

Los Caracoles Hydroelectric Plant, San Juan

Located on the frontier between Ullum and Zonda, this power plant has a triple function of generating energy, gathering water from a seasonal river for irrigation and contributing a new touristic resource for the province.

Railroad construction

Nowadays, the railroad covers more than 400km, in order to join Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires. It has 12 stations in different parts of peripheral Buenos Aires.

Vías de tren
Personal en obra

Working personnel

The safety of the construction personnel is of paramount importance and each company must demand its employee’s proper use of safety elements.

Pascualama, San Juan

Pascualama is the first binational mining project in the world and consists in developing the mine that is shared by Chile and Argentina.

Pascualama, San Juan
Dique Punta Negra

Paredón Punta Negra, San Juan

Located along the permanent course of the San Juan river, on the frontier between Ullum and Zonda.

Bicentenario Theatre, San Juan

Inaugurated on October 21st of 2016 after four years of construction. Along with Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires and Teatro Argentino of La Plata, they make up the most important theatres in the country, and some of the most impressive in the continent.

Teatro del Bicentenario
Dique Caracoles, San Juan

Caracoles detour channel, San Juan

This hydroelectric plant produces an increase of about 12,500 hectares in the cultivated area and generates greater security regarding the 10,000 hectare water reserve that is currently available for irrigation.

Veladero mine camp, San Juan

Situated in Iglesia, at 370 kilometers from the city of San Juan and at 4000 meters of altitude in the Andes Mountains.

Veladero, San Juan

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