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Farmer from Jachal

He works at the Punta del Agua ranch, 400.000ha surface area, located south of the national Route 150.

Gaucho de Los Patos Norte

Gaucho from Northern Los Patos

In the region of Coquimbo around 6.500 inhabitants work as goat farmers.

Gaucho from Calderon

Owners and caretakers of their own cattle, these people primarily make cheese, some are farmers and others are miners.

Gaucho oriundo de Calderón
Criancero de Los Azules

Shepherd from Los Azules

Heirs of ancestral wisdom, transmitted from generation to generation regarding the practice of transhumant shepherding and agriculture, distinctively belonging to this semi-arid landscape.

Shepherdess from Northern Los Valles

Women play a very important role in the goat breeding trade in Chile. Most of them, carrying their children on their backs, go with the men to the mountains and work from sunrise to sunset in the production and sale of cheese.

Criancera de Los Valles del Norte
Juan Gustavo Tapia

Juan Gustavo Tapia

In spite of his tough life story, Juan Gustavo works with his brother, who he refers to as his partner. Together, they herd 300 goats.

Gaucho from San Agustín

For decades, shepherd families have survived without official help, sustaining a regime based in the production of their food and bartering.

Gaucho de San Agustín
Gaucha de Bella Vista, San Juan

Gaucha from Bella Vista, San Juan

Partiicpating in the Fiesta Provincial de Los Valles y Cumbres Iglesianos, a traditional event in the area.

Gaucho from Iglesia, San Juan

Historically, the gauchos were the wandering habitants of the Pampas who travelled with no particular destination on their horses. They traditionally carried slings, ponchos, lassos, knives, yerba, salt and tobacco as their only baggage.

Gaucho Iglesiano, San Juan

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