GHM | Photography Los Andes Crossing

Aconcagua mountain peak, Mendoza

View from Espinacito mountain chain. This peak reaches 6,962 m.a.s.l.

Subida al cordón del Espinacito, San Juan

Climbing the Espinacito mountain chain, San Juan

Located at 4,536 m.a.s.l. this is the highest point of Los Patos trail.

Río Blanco, San Juan

Deriving mainly from the meltwater from the Andes mountains that trickles into the Los Patos River, combined with the Patos Sur river.

Río Blanco, San Juan
Bajada hacia el Río Rocín, Chile

Rocin River slope, Chile

Curently known as the El Aleton. Dark, confined and rocky. Its slopes are sometimes cut off by landslides.

Los Patos valley and La Honda river, San Juan

This location was part of the 11th segment of the excursion planned by San Martin.

Valle de Los Patos y río La Honda. San Juan, Argentina.
Subida a la Quebrada Honda, San Juan

Honda Gully slope, San Juan

Every year thousands of people relive San Martin’s historic feat: crossing the Andes mountain range by mule.

Tigre mountain range, San Juan and Mendozaa

Forming part of the frontal mountain range that is parallel to the main mountain range. It extends about 100 km from north to south, on the east of the Aconcagua and lays parallel to the Las Vacas valley.

Cordillera del Tigre, San Juan y Mendoza
Mula carguera

Pack mule, Chile

This mule belongs to the shepherds of Chile and transports cheese in packsaddles.

Mule roundup, San Juan

Local pasture in the Los Patos Sur Valley.

Arreo de mulares, San Juan

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