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Onion fields, Jáchal, San Juan

Onions crops. One of the main crops in the region.

Campos de cebolla, Jáchal, San Juan<

Farming communities in Jachal, San Juan

Onions crops. One of the main crops in the region.

Vineyards in Pocito, San Juan

San Juan provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the colorful world of winemaking, visiting wineries and cellars located in the south, east and west of the province.

Parrales en Pocito, San Juan
Parrales en Zonda, San Juan

Vineyards in Zonda, San Juan

Zonda is characterized by its intense and historical agricultural activity and its modern and supple industrial activity.

Vineyards in Zonda, San Juan

Together with Tulum Valley and Ullum, Zonda stands as a place of vital importance for the local economic development.

Parrales en Zonda, San Juan
Olivos en Sarmiento, San Juan

Olive groves in Sarmiento, San Juan

The distinctive olive trees of the Cuyo region have been growing at the foot of the Andes for more than four centuries. Olive cultivation is the second principle productive activity in the province, following viticulture.

Vineyards in Pedernal Valley, San Juan

This location, situated over 1300 m.a.s.l. stands out because of the land’s great potential for quality crops.

Viñedos en Valle de Pedernal, San Juan
Planta de aceite en Las Casuarinas, San Juan

Oil production plant Las Casuarinas, San Juan

This factory belongs to SolFrut, of Phrónesis Group. A group of companies deeply committed to sustainable regional development.

Crops in Zonda, San Juan

Part of an artificial oasis and the result of a complex irrigation system, whose main source is the water from rivers and mountain meltwater.

Plantaciones en Zonda, San Juan

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