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Caviahue lake, Neuquén

Located in Ñorquin, this is one of the most important lakes in the Neuquen River, and considered an extraordinary environment within South America due to its water’s extreme acidity.

Cabo de Hornos

Hornos Cape

This is one of the Chilean Wollaston Islands that form the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. Sailing there is one of the biggest challenges for mariners.

Mount Fitz Roy, Santa Cruz

This Mount has an altitude of 3,405 meters, which makes it one of the most difficult mountains to climb in the world.

Cerro Fitz Roy


In Perú there is no need to go to the countryside to see llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas as they wander everywhere including downtown Cuzco.

Camisea, Perú

One of the projects that Techint Company developed in Perú. It comprised of construction and natural gas installation services.

Camisea, Perú

Tren a las Nubes, Salta

The train leaves Salta city then goes through Valle de Lerma to enter the Quebrada del Toro and reach Punta de Atacama. It reaches an altitude of 4220 m.a.s.l. (meters above sea level).

La Trochita, Chubut

Known as the Old Patagonico Express, it performs as a touristic facility between Esquel and Nahuel Pan and regularly goes to El Maiten.

Camisea, Perú

San Guillermo Biosphere Reserve, San Juan

Located in Iglesia, the park aims to preserve its biodiversity and cultural characteristics.

Los Patos Valley, San Juan

This trail was chosen by General San Martin to travel through the Andes mountain range where the historic Crossing of the Andes was carried out.

Camisea, Perú

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