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Gustavo Muñoz Lorenzo

My name is Gustavo Muñoz Lorenzo, or “Huevo”, as some know me. I was born on may 13th, 1973. I consider myself lucky to have been able to transform my calling into my career, starting as a photographer at GHM, a company I founded in 1993, and that at present I still run. With over twenty years of experience, our production company has dabbled in television, audiovisual production and publishing, granting us enormous gratification, receiving the FUND TV award three times, and having been recognized in various national and international festivals (such as the “Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña” and “BANFF Mountain Film Festival”, among others).

Filming “Los Viajes de Sarmiento”

“Traveling is the basis of my personal education. After having visited twelve countries, following Sarmiento’s steps, I discovered the endeavor, purpose and disposition needed to achieve things, because the more innovative ideas are, the more tenacity they have.”

Antonov at the El Plumerillo Airport

“Over the years we have accomplished ties with some of the biggest companies in the world and have had the opportunity to work together on diverse projects.”

Tempest in Veladero

“The mining industry has built a resilience and passion inside me that have helped me overcome the adversities of working in the Andes. I have learned many things from being a part of it, and that a country isn’t built on its own, but by everyone.”

Trip to Falkland Islands

“It’s hard to describe the sensations one feels when immersed in the Atlántico Sur. Every trip to one of the battle sites we visited on the island provoked a sense of fear within me on the daily, but that fear was gradually transformed into courage so I would be able to join the veterans in exploring the freezing, faraway Atlántico Sur.”

Filming of the “Perito Moreno” documentary

“Pancho Moreno galloped across Patagonia, swam across rivers, his whole life working incessantly for his Patria, or beloved homeland. I covered more than 12000km: winter, summer, flights, helicopters, drones. And even still, with the rhythm we’ve adopted nowadays, I consider his life mission incomparable.”

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