Gustavo Muñoz Lorenzo

I am Gustavo Muñoz Lorenzo “Huevo”, as some people call me. I was born on May, 13th, 1973. I consider myself to be a very lucky man because I could turn my vocation into my profession. This paved the way as a photographer in GHM contents, the company I founded in 1993 and that I currently run. With more than twenty years of career, our producer has participated in television, the audiovisual and editorial realization. This gave great satisfaction, for example, the FUND TV Price and also, different nationals and internationals festivals (International Mountain Film Festival and the BANF Mountain festival, among others).

Filming "Sarmiento´s trip."

“Trips are the base of my education. After visiting 12 countries following Sarmiento´s steps, I found out the strength, vocation and temple that are necessary to achieve the things because the more innovative the ideas are, the more resistance they have.”

Antonov in El Plumerillo Aeroport

“Throughout the years we have bind together the two biggest companies in the world and we have had the experience of sharing teamwork with them.

Storm in Veladero Temporal en Veladero.

“The mining industry made me have a resintance I never tought I would overcome the passion for the job in Los andes. I learnt a lot from them and I learnt that a country is never built alone but together.

Trip to Malvinas

“It is very difficult to describe the sensation that I experienced in the South Atlántico. Every trip to the island, to the battle fields filled me with fear but then, that fear tuned into courage to accompany the ex-combatants“.

Filming of the documentary “Perito Moreno”

“Pancho Moreno galloped Patagonia, crossed the rivers swimming but above all, he worked his entire life for the mother country. I went over more than 12.000 km: Winter, summer, flights, helicopters, drones. However, I believe that, today, this is not enough to illustrate his life.”

Huevo's Biography